by | Aug 21, 2020

Am I asking you to be brave?
I’m not sure.
For some,
Holds a history
A privilege
Revered and held high
For all to know and all to see.

Am I asking you to be brave?
I’m not sure.
Can we be brave together?
Maybe that’s when you ask
What does it mean to be brave?
I’m not sure.
Maybe I’ve been brave
Without knowing
Without choice
In the face
Of what I know.
Maybe brave is in my bones.
In my blood.

To just live each day –
In the midst of those
Asking me to pretend
That history does not
Play a part in
Who we are
Who we were
What we hope to be now?

I’m wondering if
I’m asking for love?
For love
Of equity
Of freedom
Of justice
Of liberty
For love?

Does that connect
Me to you?
Knowing difference
Knowing the brittleness of my bones.
Knowing the rage in my blood.

Knowing the desire for change.

Maybe you are asking
For me to love?
Asking me to know
You want to be there
By my side
Doing the work.
Is that change?
Be there
With the love
That sees my bone scars
That calms my blood rage
That holds that moment
That can mean change
That can be sustained.
Because bravery has to
come from